On September 15th, 2016, one of our greatest dreams came true!  We were given an incredible opportunity to host a 16-person 7:47 Club Dinner in a section of Times Square, NYC.  We had one goal: To prove that it is possible to be Authentic, Empathetic, Vulnerable and Safe on the world’s biggest stage.  The night was magical, there we were in this fishbowl surrounded by thousands of onlookers, yet all we were involved in or noticed were the 16 people and their intimate conversations around our dinner table.  We ate, drank, laughed, shared conversation and meditated....but most of all we had one great take away that it is possible to put down the phones, turn off all distractions, and connect with face-to-face communication.

Photos by Perry Bindelglass. Biggest help from Damian Santucci and Sharon Miller. Videos by Clovis Aidar

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