In late October, I was given one of the great honors of my life, the opportunity to perform a TEDx Talk in my hometown, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.

The title of my talk was "Hurricanes, Addiction and Empathy".

My goal was to take the audience on a very personal and resilient journey into hurricanes, addiction, and the empathy that comes in the wake of Mother Nature's destruction. My idea is that loss and devastation does not have to be the cause of someone's ruin, but can ultimately be a catalyst for healing and strength. 

I must admit that I was more nervous speaking to my home town audience, than I ever could imagined.

I would like to personally thank the audience for being present and so receptive to my message. They met vulnerability with vulnerability and strength with strength empowering me to dig down deep, find what I have always hidden away, and unleash those feelings on stage. 

Thank you to my entire team, especially Tricia Brouk, for the hours of preparation during the past few weeks, and for the local members of the professional team for bringing TEDx to the Island.

With Love and Pasta Sauce,

Chris Schembra