Chris Schembra's Speaking Topics

Chris Schembra is a sought-after social influencer, executive advisor to large global companies, and founder of the 747 Club—wherein he facilitates a groundbreaking experiences that breaks down barriers, ignites lasting connections, and frequently changes lives.

Through it all, Chris is passionate about facilitating profound human connections in a deeply disconnected world. He does this through building Empathy: The Art of Human Connection.

Through Chris’s keynotes—filled with riveting story-telling and life-changing principles centered around Authenticity, Empathy, Vulnerability, and Safety; audience members are empowered to connect more deeply with coworkers, customers, and each other.

Why Connect?

Chris understands how to get to the heart of the matter in any business transaction—which starts with fostering real human connection. Chris guides people in any industry through simple, actionable steps. The result? Joyful interactions yielding deeper connection and greater profitability

Chris’s topics are perfect for executive leaders, managers, and employees who want to improve performance, increase sales, and foster greater collaboration and innovation.

All of Chris’s topics can be customized to your event theme and needs. Chris meets with each client by phone prior to his speech to ensure that his message directly speaks to your group’s greatest objectives. Below are Chris' sample topics.



Chris is a highly sought-after social influencer and advisor to some of the world’s largest tech companies and accelerators. He doesn’t earn his status by his technical prowess—but rather by his acknowledgment that technology, on its own, can leave people starving for more. As Chris and others have said of life, “The opposite of addiction is not sobriety; it’s human connection.” In business, the opposite of bankruptcy is not solvency; it’s relationship. Whether working in technology or another industry, successful businesses require that people authentically connect with one another as a foundation, not an afterthought. Using observations he’s made through his award-winning Broadway productions and role as “social influencer” with global companies, Chris shares how to ignite safe connections. Learn how to:

  • Become a Chief Question Asker—connect with anyone with one simple question
  • Apply one skill that every business deal requires
  • Adopt the C-Con-C principle, a new way of looking at relationships to foster greater joy and outcomes
  • Grow —you have a good network, but learn to make it GREAT
  • Learn the five tips to be a super connector in today’s age
  • Connect people in your ecosystem to add greater brand value

Demystifying influence by building community
  • Learn how one global company is investing in bartenders that aren’t even on the payroll
  • Learn the precursors to establishing team trust, and how to create an environment of safety first.
  • Discover how to build influence using the four true “human resources,” only one of which is not fully in your power (intellectual capability, emotional connection, network capital, finances)
  • Apply the “Strength of Weak Ties” principle, driving the C-Con- C business model wherein a business is linked to the consumer by the connector
  • Build stronger teams and communities, using the principles shared in Chris’s top trending articles on sites like Amex
  • Obtain equity in companies without spending a dime

Empathy: The Art of Human Connection

  • Learn the story of 1978—the importance of family and a good partner in creating authenticity
  • Learn how to become as trustworthy as a stranger—listening without bias, facilitating open communication, and applying what you hear
  • Discover what major tech companies learned from Chris on how to change and deepen relationships with others through valuing creativity, art, and expression
  • Learn how to unplug in order to create, becoming a connector and community builder in this digital age
  • Embrace the one essential skill for remote relationships.

C-Con-C Model
How to grow community on a shoestring budget. Whether you’re a startup founder, serial entrepreneur, solopreneur, coach or consultant, standing out in your niche has never been easier, yet harder. More corporate jobs are being lost each year due to technological advancements. On top of that, digital nomads and the remote workforce is on the rise. There is an overall global shift in how we approach business, life, and the community we build around ourselves. Learn:

  • How our world is going from 3rd wave humane into 4th wave industrial
  • Story of 1978
  • Strength of Weak Ties
  • Paul Revere vs. William Dawes