7:47 Conversations

In this heart-centered podcast with your host, Chris Schembra, we're going to set the table and create the safe space for people to get vulnerable. You'll learn how some of the brightest minds and the most conscious leaders on the planet are actually human, just like you and me.

On every podcast, we start with the same question: “If you could give credit or thanks to one person in your life that you DON’T give enough credit or thanks to, who would that be?

From there, we uncover the values that person stood for in their life, what they learned from them, and how those values show up in the companies they’ve built today.

Latest Episodes

Speaking to Chris was invigorating and stimulating. I felt his passion for serving people and his questions were provoking, making me think far deeper than usual.
— Gary Player (World Golf Hall of Famer and winner of 18 Major Championships)
A brief conversation with Chris Schembra is like two years of therapy condensed into a matter of moments. He is incisive and kind and can cut through the thickets of illusion that hold you back. Chris will put you on a path you never knew existed...
— Ben Michaelis (Clinical Psychologist, Author of "Your Next Big Thing")