Tony Galati - Religion Intertwined with Success

Tony Galati is an information technology professional, entrepreneur, teacher, and business leader who is revolutionizing vocational education with the founding and growth of MyComputerCareer a remarkable career college for new Information Technology professionals.

From opening its first campus in 2008 to construction of six additional campuses in four states and its current national expansion in the online learning space, the MyComputerCareer team has proven again and again that the correct skills training, conceived and delivered in a manner that is sensitive to the needs of students more than educators, supported by high standards of excellence and accountability, can effectively and economically change students’ lives.

Tony has been guided by a few core principles that permeate his organization and explain much of its success:

1. Be of service and seek to lift others

2. Always behave in both a legal and ethical manner

3. Prove it—scale it—track it—improve it

4. Act with integrity and respect for others

5. Pray hard, work harder, and have fun

Fixed on the mission of student success, decisions are based on how it will aid or impact students’ prospects, not merely for graduation, but for job placement, advancement, and long term career satisfaction.

Despite his love for teaching and the industry he had chosen, Tony observed that not everything in his professional world was as he thought it should be. Too many students were dropping out of career training that could change their lives. Others completed the training but were unsuccessful at transitioning into the IT field.

Tony and his organization take pride in a model for what proprietary vocational education can and should be in the 21st century; a positive, affordable option for adult learners for whom traditional college is impractical or simply out of reach.

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