Kati Venturato - Finding The Creative Within

Kati Venturato has been on a lifelong introspective journey of self-discovery - to truly “know thyself” - that at times has been with purposeful intent and at other times has been quite accidental. Through varied life experiences in parallel pursuits, whether via her non-linear career in technology, or via her personal accomplishments in the fighting, dancing, theater and story-telling arts, Kati has challenged herself to not only self-discover and assimilate, but to play with various mediums for truthful self-expression. She will admit, however, that this journey has not been easy for her.

“Finding the Creative Within” is yet another self-imposed challenge - her first attempt to articulate herself in raw fashion to a broader audience. But despite the discomforting exposure, she is extremely humbled and grateful for the willing company, and she hopes that this discussion will be not only a new discovery for her, but for you too.