John Herzog - On the Waterfront

A Northwest native, John came to appreciate the Pacific Northwest’s maritime environment, history and natural resources at an early age. At GeoEngineers, he has three interconnected roles. First, he is a technical expert in shoreline and waterfront cleanup and redevelopment. Second, as a Principal, he leads environmental teams and has a leadership role in the broader company. And finally, he manages staff and sets business development strategy for the Puget Sound Business Unit as the business unit leader for the region.

Asked what attracted him to his environmental specialty, he said, “We played on the beach all the time as kids. Being buried up to my neck in sand regularly probably had something to do with it!”

John thrives on large, complex waterfront projects that require creative thinking, strategic solutions, energy and top-notch teams. He says that nothing is linear, so every day brings a new challenge. And what sets GeoEngineers apart from the pack? “Our company recognizes the importance of excellence in client service and quality in the technical products we produce. We are not afraid to try something new and innovative to provide our clients with solutions.”

John says that technical challenges and business strategy are integral to his life, but when he does allow himself a break, he hangs out with family and friends or races bikes.