Fariza Abidova - Cross Border Innovation

Fariza Abidova is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about promoting global business collaboration to advance technological innovation. 

In 2010 she established SOPHYS Corporation, a global human resource development company. Fariza currently provides global business solutions and seminars to the top 3 companies in Japan’s manufacturing, automotive, engineering, healthcare, IT and financial industries.

In 2016, Fariza launched her second start-up, Trusted Corporation, an online B2B community and search engine, that helps companies access business opportunities worldwide through cross-border and cross-industry collaboration.

Trusted Corporation has recently established a partnership agreement with one of Japan’s largest, world-leading banks. Through this partnership, Trusted Corporation is helping Japanese technology companies in the robotics, medical technology, automotive, and renewable energy industries establish R&D and joint venture partnerships with US and European companies. 

All members of Trusted Corporation have access to opportunities to create innovative solutions, attract investment, M&A, and partnership agreements with large Japanese companies or start-up companies worldwide through the Trusted platform.

On the side, Fariza holds seminars to renowned American business schools, Japanese universities and Japanese branches of American, German, Swiss and British Chambers of Commerce and Industry. She also writes media articles and columns in Japanese newspapers. 

She also started LEGACY50+, a not-for-profit project (under Trusted) that shares the stories of Japanese Founders and CEOs to help inspire and motivate the next generation of entrepreneurs. 

From her work and contribution to other businesses, Fariza was nominated for the British Chamber of Commerce in Japan’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2017.