Erwin van der Vlist - Honesty & Integrity

As the co-founder and managing director of an international company, Erwin van der Vlist knows better than most how important it is to have outstanding internal communication, and the impact that it has on employee engagement.

Speakap is a digital platform that enables organizations to reach, engage and connect all employees - regardless of their physical location within the business.

Thei solution is used by more than 350 organizations around the globe - including some of the biggest names in retail and hospitality (Nike, IKEA, G-Star, Kimpton and McDonald’s) - but they still remain proud of and committed to creating a tool that benefits, supports and is enjoyed by its core users on the store floor, in the kitchen, in the ward, on the road, or on the production line.

Here is a quick summary of the advantages of using Speakap:
✔️ Engaged employees provide better customer experiences, statistically take less sick days, stay with the same employer for longer and are able to solve problems more efficiently.
✔️ Communicating via a platform is clear, in contrast to a combination of e-mail, bulletin boards, newsletters, messaging apps and intranet.
✔️ Reach non-desk employees with ease (which make up around 80% of the global workforce).
✔️ A social communication platform works intuitively, efficiently, is always available and is loved amongst employees.

Want to know more? Contact Erwin at or +1(516)900-5559

Before Speakap, Erwin’s experience grew at Deloitte & Touche. He acquired knowledge about (Finance Strategy) Consulting challenges and working with large international enterprises. By running his own company, Erwin is learning everyday more and more in a broader way.

Erwin is always open to meet new people with great innovative ideas to build inspiring conversations.”