Bryan Terrell Clark - Walking in Gratitude

“For as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he." - Proverbs 23:7, King James Version

What is your natural response when encountering negative thoughts? Do you exercise self-discipline and accountability in your aspirations for success? How can you incorporate personal affirmations into your daily routine?

Join host Chris Schembra in this week's episode of his podcast series, 7:47 Conversations, as he welcomes performer, writer of song and script, and creative collaborator, Bryan Terrell Clark, who debuted on Broadway as the iconic Marvin Gaye in 'MOTOWN: The Musical,' and is currently starring as our nation's Founding Father, George Washington in the musical sensation 'Hamilton: An American Musical.' Through their conversation, follow the story of an imaginative and active child from Baltimore who came to realize his potential, but not just on the Great White Way.

With a passion for the positive, Mr. Clark shares his approach to manifesting personal success, and explains how this momentum has carried forward into rewarding professional achievements, as well. In his case, these accomplishments span both creative and business ventures. "When you walk in gratitude, the universe gives you more to be thankful for," he asserts. Surely on the right path, Mr. Clark's enthusiasm and commitment to community and collaboration has found an outlet through a fashion line initiative called inDEFINED. Along with his business partner, Robert Raeder, inDEFINED is creating a lasting difference in the world by enacting change through fundraising and activism. To learn more about the company's mission and to support the cause, please visit

Firmly believing that results in your life are directly related to how you think, Mr. Clark's inspiring mindset and gracious attitude will leave you feeling uplifted and believing in the possible.

In 2015, the 747 Club was founded by Mr. Schembra to create a conversational environment promoting Authenticity ~ Empathy ~ Vulnerability ~ Safety. In sparking dialogue between people from disparate backgrounds and experiences, with different interests and viewpoints, a sense of community is formed within this shared experience, creating real understanding and an acceptance of others. Through this podcast, a wider audience will now learn about the 7:47 Club’s incredibly important mission.

Spreading positivity, one listen at a time... Welcome to the conversation.