Spencer Gerrol - The Theory of Mind

“It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” - Aristotle

Do our emotions factor into every decision we make? Is emotional trauma passed down through our genes? How does spirituality impact our understanding and acceptance of scientific findings?

Join host Chris Schembra in this episode of his podcast series, 7:47 Conversations, as he welcomes Spencer Gerrol, Founder and CEO of SPARK Neuro, in a conversation to explore the neuroscience behind empathy and emotions. On his own self-defined 5 Step Journey, Mr. Gerrol shares the origin story of his business venture, how being a first-generation American has led to a feeling of personal responsibility, and how he takes “pride in the struggle.”

In the practical philosophy teachings of The School of Life, Roman Krznaric states that we must seek to understand our fears, as well as those of others, in our quest to find fulfilling work. Fundamentally, the development and expansion of Emotional Intelligence is the key to success in our business and personal relationships. How then does empathy differ from the Theory of Mind? And is it possible to actually capture data related to our emotions?

SPARK Neuro seeks to quantify these intangibles, with tools and algorithms that measure brain activity and physical responses to stimuli. Listen as Mr. Schembra and his guest explore the meaning of 17th century's French philosopher Rene Decartes’s proposition, “I think, therefore I am.” (Latin: Cogito ergo sum) From intuition to deliberate thought, how and what we think defines who we truly are.

In 2015, the 7:47 Club was founded by Mr. Schembra to create a conversational environment promoting Authenticity ~ Empathy ~ Vulnerability ~ Safety. In sparking dialogue between people from disparate backgrounds and experiences, with different interests and viewpoints, a sense of community is formed within this shared experience, creating real understanding and an acceptance of others. Through this podcast, a wider audience will now learn about the 7:47 Club’s incredibly important mission.

Welcome back, settle in and enjoy.