Justin Birenbaum - The Maternal

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” - Leo Tolstoy

Who in your life do you give credit or thanks to for empowering your most human qualities? Is there a collective awakening of maternal energy in our society today? Does ego get in the way of developing universal wisdom?

Join host Chris Schembra in the premiere episode of his podcast series, 7:47 Club, as he welcomes his first guest Justin Birenbaum, Associate of Global Partnerships at TED Conferences, in a thought-provoking, wide-ranging discussion about curating a purpose-driven life. Specifically, listen as they discuss drivers and deterrents that may be influencing what you’re doing, and why you’re doing it… at work, at home, and in your relationships.

Humans are inherently wired to be cooperative and empathic, yet we often find ourselves challenged on a daily basis to identify these traits in ourselves and others. Mr. Birenbaum speaks to becoming more introspective and connecting with our own maternal energy, which nurtures these qualities. “The answers lie within us,” he says.

There is an emerging way of being that is improving our overall human condition. It may be a rebalancing of the scales, perhaps a backlash against what could be perceived as an indifferent, win-at-all-costs, overly patriarchal society. There is evidence that personal sacrifice for the well-being of others, and a sense of community are on the rise. Listen to learn what may be behind this phenomenon, and how you can contribute to its momentum.

In 2015, the 747 Club was founded by Mr. Schembra to create a conversational environment promoting Authenticity ~ Empathy ~ Vulnerability ~ Safety. In sparking dialogue between people from disparate backgrounds and experiences, with different interests and viewpoints, a sense of community formed within this shared experience, creating real understanding and an acceptance of others. Through this podcast, a wider audience will now learn about the 7:47 Club’s incredibly important mission.

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