Debi Lynes - Freudian Slipcovers

Debi Lynes, mother of three and grandmother to eight, began her career as a teacher of children with special needs. Through serendipity, her physician father offered her the opportunity to “institutionalize” the cardiac rehab unit of the hospital where he worked. Debi’s love of interior design was born and she decided to make to official by taking some classes and moonlighting with a friend to create unique children’s rooms.

Lynes found fulfillment with her interior decorating for many years. Without even knowing it or having a name for it, she began involving elements of psychology, health, and wellness into her interiors ensuring that her clients had a feeling of happiness and well-being in their homes or offices. Debi Lynes serves as hosts to local television programs on Hilton Head Island including Lynes on Design, an interior design show, and Healthy Living, where Lynes interviews doctors and looks at the environments where healing occurs.

At the age of 50, Lynes decided to further her education and received her Masters in Health and Human Services, and in 2011 completed her PhD in Counseling Services. It was during her dissertation phase, that Lynes began to put together all of her life and career experiences together in the form of Facilitative and Supportive Design. Freudian Slipcovers incorporates three facets of healthy living: CBT-I, Private Practice, and Facilitative and Supportive Interior Design,