C-Con-C Model

We are here to guide and empower you to become the leader and catalyst of your community.  Our experiences are designed with passion, social capital, and goodwill at the forefront.  This dynamic pairing will increase brand loyalty and infuse your ecosystem with Authenticity, Empathy, Vulnerability, and Safety.

With a background as either producers or investors; the experiences our team has been involved with have been awarded 10 Tony Awards, 7 Emmy's, and a Grammy; and attended by 4,000,000+ people.  As marketers, we have led Emmy Award-winning social campaigns with 900,000+ participants, garnering more "shares" than "likes".

How can we help you?

*Sales, Marketing, Teambuilding.

  • Referrals - Your business relies heavily on word-of-mouth marketing and referrals.
  • Engage - You'd like to create a more meaningful relationship with your clients, prospects, partners, and teams.
  • Ongoing - You want to keep at the top-of-mind as an industry leader.
  • Listen - You would like to learn more about the needs of your clients, prospects, partners, and teams.
  • Empower - You would like to give voice to your clients, prospects, partners, and teams; and empower them to grow with you.

Who are you?

*Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant, Connector, Advisor, Broker.

  • Build- You would like to be the leader of your community.
  • Ignite - You want to identify the true connectors and influencers around you.
  • Grow - You have a good network, but want to make it GREAT.
  • Launch - Afraid of pressing go? In transition? In a rut? We help you launch the next chapter of your life or project.
  • Group - You work 1-on-1 but crave a group experience.

Please view video below for outline of event possibilities

Client event model:  An Upset LA

client Event model:  An Upset NYC

More about our: 16 person dinner model  

Client CASE STUDY:  zander's Kaizen Connection


Why are we different?

  • Empathy - The Art of Human Connection.
  • Shared Activities - Everything we do, we do together.
  • Empowerment - We're here to give voice to the voiceless.
  • Chief Question Asker - We're here to ask the hardest questions.

We Value:

  • Empathy - It's what's missing most in our world
  • Passion over position
  • C-Con-C Principle - catalyst-connector-consumer
  • Eco over Ego
  • Incluvisve vs. Exclusive
  • High impact, cost effective