C-Con-C Coaching

The 3 C's of Community Building
Catalyst - Connector - Community

Chris Schembra, known as “The Empathy Coach,” is a sought-after social influencer, executive advisor to large global companies, and founder of the 747 Club—wherein he facilitates groundbreaking experiences that break down barriers, ignite lasting connections, and frequently changes lives.

Through it all, Chris is passionate about facilitating profound human connections in a deeply disconnected world. He does this through building Empathy: The Art of Human Connection.

Through Chris’s C-Con-C coaching—filled with riveting story-telling and life-changing principles centered around Authenticity, Empathy, Vulnerability, and Safety; clients are empowered to connect more deeply with their community and themselves.

Why Connect?

Chris understands how to get to the heart of the matter in any business transaction—which starts with fostering real human connection. Chris guides people in any industry through simple, actionable steps. The result? Joyful interactions yielding deeper connection and greater profitability.

Who are you?

*Elite Entrepreneur, Coach, Consultant.

  • Build- You would like to be the leader of your community.
  • Ignite - You want to identify the true connectors and influencers around you.
  • Grow - You have a good network, but want to make it GREAT.
  • Launch - Afraid of pressing go? In transition? In a rut? We help you launch the next chapter of your life or project.
  • Group - You work 1-on-1 but crave a group experience.

Email: Chris@747Club.org for your free consultation.