CHRIS SCHEMBRA is the Founder + Chief Question Asker of 7:47

Chris Schembra is a keynote speaker, Broadway Producer, sought-after dinner host, and entrepreneurial advisor whose passion lies in facilitating profound human connection in a deeply disconnected world.

Chris is called on regularly by elite entrepreneurs, corporate executives, and award-winning creatives.

  • In theater Chris serves as Producing Partner at OHenry Productions and formerly as Producer at MNA Productions. The shows he's been involved with have earned 14 Tony Awards, 7 Emmy's and a Grammy.
  • As a marketer, he's led Emmy Award winning social campaigns with 1,000,000+ participants, garnering 30 million views and enlisting more "shares" than "likes".
  • His direct work has been talked about in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, The New York Times, Variety Magazine, Fox News Channel, Huffington Post, Bravo TV, Newsmax TV, Thrive Global, “Good Morning NY,” and many more.

7:47: So why does someone so credentialed consider a shared pasta dinner his greatest accomplishment? How did the experience save his life?

Chris received incredible accolades before the age of 30, but found himself broken inside—until an epiphany over his signature pasta sauce saved his life. Chris realized while eating his pasta alone that without authentic connection, insecurity left him cold and hopeless in a broken world. He figured that others must feel the same.

From emptiness to empathy...

To confirm his finding that we all crave and need greater connection, Chris invested in himself and others. He invited 16 strangers to share his pasta, put into the pot at 7:47p.m. Obstacles were broken, connections fused, and lives changed forever over a simple dinner table. Joy replaced insecurity.

Thus formed 7:47; an organization who's core hypothesis is that giving gratitude to others is not only good for business, but helps people become a little less lonely. By choreographing shared responsibilities and conversation, Chris dismantles barriers, builds relationships, and changes lives. 7:47 is now called on to help leaders and organizations give the GIFT of community and belonging to their VIP clients and partners.

Since July 2015, 7:47 has worked with over 5,600 leaders, entrepreneurs, and individuals; advised 150+ companies, and sparked more than 350,000 relationships.

Chris found his calling in helping individuals and teams build strong connections through Gratitude, Empathy, Vulnerability, and Safety. In a world that’s starving for connection, he thrives on curating meaningful relationships.

As a keynote speaker, Chris draws on these themes—helping people connect with each other, co-workers, customers, and themselves. Chris models and teaches others to build safe connections with vulnerability and empathy first; from there, he shows businesses and individuals how to thrive.

As he always says, "Hope ya'll are having a phenomenal day on Earth, Remember it's Your World Go Explore!"

With Love and Pasta Sauce.