Authenticity | Empathy | Vulnerability | Safety

“Chris is a fiercely committed person to what he believes in, the Power of The Human Spirit. He is a person who sees good in others and his positive energy is contagious!” - Mike Roberts (Former President and COO, McDonald’s).

Through our journey of sparking over 300,000 relationships around our dinner table, what we realized this world is lacking most is maternal energy and empathy. We see a massive lack of true human connection in the workplace, we're here to build those intimate connections, ones where the relationship is more valued than the transaction.

We help companies build, ignite, and invest in their community using our proprietary "16 person dinner model" as an authority leadership platform. Our signature dinners, filled with delegated tasks and shared activities, are a time-saving, pro-active, proven system of building deep relationships at scale. We partner with companies to produce entire year-long, once-per-month dinners, to systematically and consistently build their community.

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