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We help elite entrepreneurs build, grow, and ignite their community.

We guide our clients to connect more deeply to others, leading to increased sales and greater community engagement.

In this digital, connected world that we live in, we are actually more disconnected than ever.

Through our journey sparking over 210,000 relationships, we realized that what this world lacks most is maternal energy and empathy. We envision a business world based on eco, not ego. One where there isn’t a disconnect between what entrepreneurs think they should build, and what their community actually needs.

Through our systematic process, we guide entrepreneurs how to:

  • Reawaken their “why”, becoming more creative and fulfilled.
  • Uncover hidden gems to communicate their business and life in a whole new way.
  • Become a radically curious listener, connecting deeper with the real needs of their clients, prospects, partners, and teams.
  • Plant seeds and build long-term relationships with a network of clients and referral partners, becoming the recognized leader of their community.
  • Be their authentic self in a room full of 150 warm leads, at once.

If you’d like to join the other 2,500 leaders who have seen an increase in innovation, creativity, and community engagement:

Please email or call (646) 598-7470.

We’d love to walk hand in hand with you along your journey.

Who are you?

  • Build- You would like to be the leader of your community.
  • Ignite - You want to identify the true connectors and influencers around you.
  • Grow - You have a good network, but want to make it GREAT.
  • Launch - Afraid of pressing go? In transition? In a rut? We help you launch the next chapter of your life or project.
  • Group - You work 1-on-1 but crave a group experience.

Why are we different?

  • Empathy - The Art of Human Connection.
  • Shared Activities - Everything we do, we do together.
  • Empowerment - We're here to give voice to the voiceless.
  • Chief Question Asker - We're here to ask the hardest questions.

Ways we can help:

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