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We produce long-term dinner series helping companies build, ignite, and grow their network.

Our signature dinners, filled with delegated tasks and shared activities, are a time-saving, pro-active, proven system of building deep relationships with cold prospects, existing clients and referral partners at scale. Around the dinner table, our clients are able to unlock their passion, skyrocket engagement, build massive followings, and create lasting connections that generate long term clients.

  • Reawaken their “why”, becoming more creative and fulfilled.
  • Uncover hidden gems to communicate their business and life in a whole new way.
  • Become a radically curious listener, connecting deeper with the real needs of their clients, prospects, partners, and teams.
  • Plant seeds and build long-term relationships with a network of clients and referral partners, becoming the recognized leader of their community.
  • Be their authentic self in a room full of 150 warm leads, at once.

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